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Let me take a guess – you’re here because you have a tree that needs some removing right?

One thing’s for sure – removing a tree yourself sucks!


It’s almost impossible to remove for one (depending on the size) and two how the heck are you going to haul away all the tree debris?


Frankly – you’re not! Tree Removal Service in Utah is no easy task by yourself –


BUT hold up – this is where Utah Tree Removal (Prestige Tree & Landscaping) comes into play.


Ya – we know, we know, we’re pretty bad-ass.


Now listen up – we are good at removing trees. A little too damn good to be honest.


So here’s the scoop – you can give us a call and request a rough estimate over the phone OR if you want an exact quote – use our online estimate form and shoot us over a picture of the tree you need removed.


Now you might be thinking to yourself, hold up now – I don’t need my tree removed – I need my tree trimmed!


That’s OK skipper – because we know how to trim that tree of yours just as good as trimming a boys haircut before prom night.


It’s safe to say that we outperform Edward Scissor-hands on so many levels its not even fair.


So yes – if you need tree trimming services in Utah – you’re in luck – because no one does it better than Utah Tree Removal.


So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or request a estimate via our online form today!

We love trees. You love trees. Heck, who doesn’t love trees. Stately guardians of the natural world, they don’t just look beautiful, they also work hard in making sure that we’re as happy and healthy as possible.


They breathe in the nasty and damaging carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and exhale nourishing oxygen. Their leafy branches provide our homes and gardens with shade and a welcome reprieve from the blazing Utah sun, not to mention privacy when we need it.


Best of all, their very presence can be a tonic for our mental health and wellbeing. Studies show that proximity to trees, plants and other vestiges of nature is one of the greatest natural mood boosters around.


However, as much as we love and respect all trees and especially the ones with which we share a property, there comes a time when trees grow unruly.

And when that happens, who you gonna call?


Call the professionals at Tree Removal Utah

We are Utah Tree Removal and we’re here to tell you that when your trees grow out of control, we have the tools, the talent and the steady head for heights necessary to cut them down to size. Whether you need a tree to be trimmed to a more manageable size or cut down altogether we can bring our talents for tree surgery, passion for customer service and years of experience to bear on the problem, leaving you with nothing to worry about but maintaining your beautiful garden.


There’s literally no job too big or too small for us. We’re proud to serve the great state of Utah and help to ensure that our relationship with nature remains healthy, happy and harmonious.


We cover every aspect of tree removal and trimming with services that can be scaled up or down to suit your needs. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to anything, especially not our pricing. That’s why we ensure that every quote we offer is fair, accurate and extremely competitive.


What happens when your trees get unruly?

We understand that your tree holds a special place on your land and in your heart. As such, you may be reluctant to cut it down or even to trim it to size. But what many people don’t realize is that trees can become hazardous and, in some cases, extremely dangerous.


As long as they’re getting light from the sun and nutrients from the soil, trees and keep growing and growing and growing. And, as much as we love our trees, they can grow to the point where they become at best an inconvenience and at worst a serious potential health hazard.


As trees grow taller they grow less stable. If your home is struck by strong winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or any other natural disaster your tree could wreak further catastrophic damage on your home. In some cases trees can buckle (collapse under their own weight) even without any assistance from extreme weather. And that could be a serious safety risk for you and your family.


What’s more, tall trees can blot out the sunlight coming into your garden throughout the day, meaning that other plants can’t get access to the sunlight they need to grow. This can result in a bare lawn, wilting plants and fruits and vegetables that wither before they’re able to ripen. What’s more, trees can get hungrier and hungrier as they grow. They can absorb the lion’s share of the water and nutrients in the soil so that there isn’t enough for the rest of your garden. They can even change the pH balance of your soil, inhibiting the growth of other plants and grasses. So, you might end up with a tall, strong and healthy tree… but the rest of your garden might look very sorry for itself indeed.


Don’t forget that trees don’t just grow upwards, they grow downwards, too! As their roots spread outwards and dig deep underground they can potentially wreak havoc with your underground gas and water pipes that feed your home. They can lead to a loss of water pressure and even cut off the flow of water to your home entirely. They can also create disruptions in the flow of gas to your home… and if they hit a sewer line. Well, let’s just say you won’t enjoy what happens.


Can’t I just remove it myself?

So, as much as we love our trees, we need to acknowledge that they have to be kept under control. We understand that many budget-conscious households may be reluctant to call in the professionals and instead may attempt to do the job themselves. However, this is not recommended for all kinds of reasons.


Yes, we know we’re biased but hear us out.


First of all, working on trees invariably means working at a height. And that can be extremely hazardous without the proper safety harnesses and equipment or the knowledge, skill and experience to use them properly. Furthermore, cutting down a large tree in your garden or yard can be extremely hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if, by some miracle, you’re able to get the tree down without injuring yourself, your family or your pets or even doing any damage to your property… there’s still the matter of disposing of the departed tree.


Getting rid of trees is extremely logistically complicated and they’re certainly not the kind of thing that can be hauled away in a family sedan.

The good news is that you can trust our team to safely remove and dispose of your tree and any associated garden waste completely, safely and sustainably so that you’re left with only memories.


Proud to serve Ogden and Salt Lake City

We are proud to serve the great state of Utah and have found not just one but two homes for ourselves in the beehive state.


You’ll find us in Salt Lake City, the state’s beautiful and prosperous capital. Founded by Brigham Young and an international company of LDS church members (who was claimed to have seen the site of the city in a vision and instantly knew that he and his convoy were in the right place) Salt Lake City remains the world headquarters for the Mormon church. And while the church is, and will always be, a huge part of the city’s identity there’s a whole lot for members and non-members to love. Take, for example, the wonderful museums, vibrant arts scene, and wealth of sports, conventions and festivals. It’s a city we love dearly and remain proud to serve every day.


You’ll also find us working just as hard in the picturesque northern city of Ogden. This gateway to many of the state’s incredible ski resorts has some of the best views anywhere in Utah and is home to fantastic restaurants, a thriving shopping hub and a number of beloved and iconic landmarks. These include the Historic 25th Street (once a hotbed of Prohibition-era speakeasies), the museum at Union Station and George S. Eccles dinosaur park.

No matter where you live within, or near, these two great cities we’ll always strive to make ourselves available to you and bring our years of tree surgery experience to bear on your home, yard and garden.


Check out our tree services

We offer a combination of services to suit the needs of our clients throughout Utah. Whatever the job, we bring the same friendly yet professional demeanor, passion for quality work and promise that we won’t quit until you’re 100% happy with the task at hand. Our range of services includes…


Tree Removal

Whether you have a tree that’s growing out of control and consuming your yard or a storm damaged tree that will never grow again, it’s essential to remove it before it can do harm to your garden. Our skilled technicians will remove the tree safely without damage to your garden and ensure that it is safely and sustainably disposed of.


Tree Trimming

Of course, our services aren’t just limited to tree removal. If you have a tree that is manageable in size yet its overgrown branches are becoming a problem, we’ll cut that bad boy down to size and remind your home and garden what sunlight looks like. A well trimmed tree is a healthier, happier and more aesthetically pleasing tree!


Of course, we’ll be sure to take all of our green waste with us after we’re done.


Combined services

Need a little bit of both tree removal and tree trimming? No problem, skipper! Our services are completely flexible and scalable to suit your needs. When it comes to making your trees manageable, we never met a job we didn’t like!


Why choose us?

Don’t just choose us for our sparkling wit and dazzling good looks. Choose us for our record of professionalism, capability and trustworthiness. We take the effort out of managing your tees with our comprehensive services and transparent upfront quoting system. We’re happy to provide a ballpark quote over the phone. However, if you need something more accurate, just take a picture of the tree in question and send it to us. We’ll get back to you ASAP with an accurate and comprehensive quote with no hidden costs or unnecessary extras.


So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today! Give us a call or simply fill in the form to request a completely free estimate.