Stump Grinding

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Stump Grinding

So, you’ve got a tree that’s been chopped down, right? Or, maybe you have a tree that you’re looking to get removed. Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer a stump grinding service that will take care of everything for you. What is stump grinding? Ah, we’re glad you asked! Stump grinding is a clever technique used to remove trees from your property. Instead of actually lifting up the roots from the stump, we grind it down and leave them hanging there.

Without wanting to toot our own horn, the result is fantastic. Your tree is totally removed, the stump is ground all the way down, and the roots will naturally decay below the ground. You’ve got rid of an annoying and potentially dangerous tree or stump, and we’ve been able to do what we love!

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What are the benefits of stump grinding?

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve got a lot of experience in tree removal. So, we’ve tried out a lot of different techniques, and we’ve figured out the pros and cons of them all.

With stump grinding, you get a few benefits over outright stump removal. For one, as we said, the roots don’t get ripped up from below the ground. You might think this is negative as part of the tree still lives, but it’s actually beneficial. With this method, you don’t end up with a horrible hole in the ground that can ruin the look of your property!

Not only that, but stump grinding takes less time and is less destructive. After all, we’re just grinding down a stump – think of it like sanding down a chair leg, only on a larger scale. We don’t have to do any digging or excavation work, so it’s far easier than removing the entire stump.

As a result, this is often a more affordable service too. In general, we keep our costs as competitive as possible – we’re nice like that! So, you can get rid of a nasty looking tree stump without blowing through all the cash in your bank account.

The dangers of amateur stump grinding

Okay, so, what if you tried stump grinding on your own? You find a stump grinder online, and you feel like it’s a simple task. Realistically, you’re just asking for trouble. To start, buying the equipment needed to do a good job will cost a fair bit of money. Secondly, you always risk injuring yourself or completely messing it up. We’ve had some clients who tried to do it by themselves and ended up making a massive mess of things, so they called us anyway!

Save yourself the time and effort; let the professionals take care of it for you. Don’t put yourself or your garden at risk – we’ll do a quick and professional job that solves the problem for you.

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