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About Us

Utah Tree Removal operates as Prestige Tree and Landscape.

At Utah Tree Removal, we’re on a mission to help property owners protect their property from damaged or fallen trees.


For over thirty years, Prestige Tree and Landscape has been Utah’s trusted tree care company. We are a family-owned business with a long history of providing a valued service at a competitive price, while maintaining a focus on having a low impact on the environment. 


My father started this business in 1978, and I am carrying on his tradition of care, respect, and reliability. When I passed my certification test in 1996, I was the youngest ever certified arborist in the state of Utah, and I have dedicated my life to this profession. 


Prestige Tree and Landscape is very involved in community outreach programs, including Tree City USA. We have won many awards for our work, including the J. Sterling Morton Award from the Arbor Day Foundation.


We’re not your average tree removal and stump grinding contractors. Everything we do is designed to enhance the value and safety of the place where you live or work.


What’s more, we’ve got expertise on our side. We’ve been in the business of tree removal for a long time, and there’s practically nothing that we don’t know. We have a reputation in Utah for being the professionals people go to for the really tough jobs – the trees in the most dangerous positions or the stumps that don’t want to be ground down.


Our team of professionals has in-depth knowledge and experience of some of the most challenging tree removal projects in the state. These projects are what shaped our firm, turning us into the leading tree removal company that we are today.


Tree removal is in our blood. That’s why our customers have given us a five-star rating for our services. People love what we do for their homes and business premises. Our team of trained and insured professionals goes into each job with an open mind, looking for the best solution, no matter how difficult the problem. We’ve protected people from tens of thousands of dollars worth of potential damage, just with a quick project to eliminate hazardous trees and stumps from their property.


We also care about transparency when it comes to pricing. Call up your average tree felling or stump grinding company, and they’ll usually just guess at the price of tree removal beforehand and then charge you whatever it costs afterward.


At Utah Tree Removal, we’re not like that. We believe in treating people with respect. Want to know how much it’ll cost to get your tree or stump removed? Just call us up for a ballpark figure over the phone. If you want a more detailed estimate, we’ll travel to your property to survey the situation and give you a more accurate number.


  • We’re transparent – no hidden charges, no extra fees. Just down to Earth, honest pricing – the way it should be.
  • Every job that we do is unique because every property is unique. We, therefore, adapt to the situation, taking into consideration your unique setting. If there’s something that needs our special attention, we’ll pay heed to it.
  • All of our services are scalable. If you need multiple stumps grinding, no problem. If you need a dozen trees removed, we can help there too.
  • Being a part of the community is vital to us. We’re committed to serving people and businesses in the local area. With us, you get a local service that thousands of people have already enjoyed. Just like you, we want to make our community stronger and more prosperous.

Do you want to join our long list of happy clients? If so, get in touch with us today to find out more about the services that we offer you. Tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, and stump removal: you can get it all here.