Tree Removal Frequently Asked Questions

We know that tree removal can be a new and confusing thing for a lot of people. So, to help you out, we’ve produced a list of common questions that many of our clients have asked:

Who is Utah Tree Removal?

We are Prestige Tree & Landscaping

We use Utah Tree Removal as our online marketing name.

Are you licensed and insured?


We are fully licensed and insured for residential and commercial tree and landscaping work.

If you have any questions regarding our licensing, please give us a call.

How does tree removal work?

Ah, we knew you’d ask this! Contrary to what you might think, tree removal isn’t a case of just chopping the tree down from near the base. This might look cool in cartoons, but it’s just plain dangerous. Instead, we use special tools to safely and professionally cut the tree into different sections from top to bottom. You don’t get the classic timberrrrr moment, but it’s much safer and easier to get rid of the tree.

What happens to the tree stump?

By chopping the tree in sections, we can get as close to the stump as possible. Now, some of our customers actually want to keep the stump. We’re not sure why, maybe they think it looks cool? But, if you want the stump removed, then we can do this for you as well. With our stump grinding service, we grind it down to the bottom, and the roots below will naturally start to decay.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Yes and no. Usually, you don’t need a permit – as long as the tree is fully in your property and technically belongs to you. But, in some cases you might need a permit. If the tree is on the street but growing into your property, then you may need one. It depends, but your best bet is contacting your local government just to be 100% sure.

Why do I need professional tree removal?

We get this a lot, and we try not to take offense! Lots of people wonder if tree removal is actually worth it, or if they can just do it themselves. Personally, we believe it’s too dangerous to attempt this by yourself. Think about the equipment you need and how you’ll get the tree removed. There are too many risks involved, and we don’t want you to hurt yourself or hurt people around you. So, for the sake of your health – and to avoid damaging your property – you need professional tree removal.

Do tree removal companies need insurance?

Absolutely! We’re fully insured, and this means that you’re protected if things go wrong. For example, if – and this is a big if – part of the tree falls and damages your property, then any repairs are covered by our insurance. Never ever work with a tree company that doesn’t have insurance.

How much does tree removal cost?

If you’re hoping to see some figures here, then we’re going to let you down. We can’t provide an estimate because the costs depend on the situation. We price our tree removal based on how big the tree is, how complicated it will be to remove, and where it’s placed. Give us as much info as possible, and we can offer a more accurate quote. For an exact quote, send us a picture along with your description, and we’ll tell you how much it costs to remove that tree.

Will the tree regrow after tree removal?

When removing a tree, you can’t always remove all of the roots. They fan out too far and too deep under the ground for removal to be practical. Fortunately, the vast majority of trees can’t regrow from their roots, and even if they do, they’re easy to eliminate the second time around.

What happens to the roots after stump grinding?
Stump grinding breaks down the roots into small, disposable chunks. These bits of wood can then be used for other things, like wood chips. Any part of the root that stays in the ground biodegrades over time.
Can I plant a new tree after stump grinding?
We grind the stump down until there’s nothing left. You’re then free to plant whatever you like in its place.
Do stump grinding and tree removal leave a big hole?
Immediately after we’ve removed your tree or ground down your stump, there’s a big hole in the ground. We don’t usually leave it like that, though. If there’s surrounding loose soil, we’ll use this to plug the hole and make it look as if we were never there.
Do tree removal and stump grinding ruin landscaping?

They shouldn’t! Most people encounter problems with their landscaping after hiring amateurs who don’t have the right equipment or expertise.


We use professional techniques, like plastic mats, which reduce the forces exerted on your lawn by equipment and people trudging along in boots.

Do you remove the stump grinding debris?

We take care of all the debris for you, removing it from your property and disposing of it safely.

Will stump grinding remove all termite and ant infestations?

Stump grinding is usually very effective at eliminating termite and ant infestations that could threaten your home. Removing the wood gets rid of their source of food. Sometimes, though, removing the wood is not enough to get insects to move on and make their nests elsewhere. You may have to call the exterminator.

Can I remove trees close to my home?

Trees close to the home are dangerous and often need to be removed. We use unique methods to safely remove trees that pose a threat to your property and could damage your home. With us, you can avoid a buildup of twigs or leaves on your roof and ensure that the tree doesn’t fall over in the next storm.

What happens during the tree removal process?

Tree removal from private property isn’t the same as felling a tree in a forest. You can’t just cut it at the base and then wait for it to topple over. That’s way too dangerous.


We remove trees in manageable sections, starting from the top and then working our way down. Cutting the tree into smaller chunks makes removal easy. We also use other methods that cut down the risk of the tree falling over and damaging property. You wouldn’t want that!