4 Trees That Are More Trouble Than They’re Worth Anything

Tree Removal

Trees can bring immense beauty and serenity to any yard, but a few species are not right for your home and must be removed by a professional tree removal service.

Here is a list of trees that are more trouble than worth anything in your home.

1. Tree of Heaven

Tree of heaven can be found in the Shenandoah National Park, and while these trees represent a symbol of endurance, the invasive tree can wipe out other native species by the toxins it excretes in the surrounding soil.

The tree of heaven is potentially hazardous, and some people can be allergic to its pollen. Others receive a rash from exposure to its sap.

A professional tree removal service targets this tree’s roots with systemic herbicides before cutting it, particularly from mid-July to mid-October. This technique enables the plant to translocate the herbicides through its root system, eliminating the growth of root suckers or trunk sprouts after the main tree is cut down.

2. Silver Maple

Silver maples are famous for their vibrant colors in autumn, and they grow relatively faster on soils where other trees and plants do not grow easily.

However, silver maple is another invasive plant, messy, and seeds itself everywhere in your yard. Silver maple trees have shallow roots that grow fast, resulting in cracked driveways, pipes, foundations, and pavements. Their root system also inhibits the growth of other vegetation or grass beneath or nearby the tree.

Another disadvantage of silver maple is that it has weak and brittle branches that can break during a storm, resulting in undesirable pops that sound more like gunshots.

3. Lombardy Poplar

Lombardy poplar can increase your workload by ten times as it is a messy tree that drops leaves and twigs all the time. You will need to sweep the mess regularly to keep your yard neat.

Lombardy poplar can grow up to 6 feet a year, but they are extremely prone to various diseases that are also problematic for surrounding plants. They are one of the weakest trees as the brittle wood breaks and drops off during the slightest rough weather.

Even though these trees are famous for providing privacy because of their columnar form, they have invasive roots that make them one of the trees that are hard to kill.

4. Weeping Willow

These trees symbolize grief, loss, and mourning, and you can take that as a sign to get them removed from your yard.

Even though the tree is beautiful as it sports its long tresses, it is very messy for a small yard, and the hungry roots are aggressive as they search for water, which can damage sewer pipes, drain areas, and other piping systems of your house.

The tree should be kept away from your yard as it has weak wood that breaks easily and is vulnerable to multiple pests like willow scab, black canker, fungi, and willow blight.

The weeping willow is not poisonous to humans, but maintaining them in a yard cannot be easy.


At Utah Tree Removal, we believe that you should only invest your time and money on trees that increase your property value and decrease any additional workload on your part. That is why we ensure that undesirable trees are removed from your yards.

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