6 Signs Your Trees Need Trimming

6 signs your trees need trimming

Just like your hair needs a trim every now and then to stay healthy and strong, trees also need timely attention and trimming.

Well-trimmed trees do not only look beautiful and enhance the appearance of your home’s landscape but are also healthier and grow to be much stronger.

How will you know that your trees need a trim? Do not worry; we are here to help.

Read below to learn about six signs your trees need trimming.

1. Broken Branches

Sometimes after a heavy rainstorm or snowfall, some tree branches break and remain partially hanging from the tree. These partially branches can fully break at any moment and fall on an animal or person’s head. This could scratch or even seriously injure someone.

When a storm has passed, check and inspect your trees to see if there are any broken branches, and trim them down.

This is especially important for dense trees as they might have multiple broken branches.

2. Dead or Decaying Branches

When a tree is not in season, its branches may weaken and eventually die. These dead branches are hard, brittle, and sharp. If the tree is towering over your cars or a part of your house, these dead branches can break and fall. These falling branches can scratch or damage your cars or home.

Make sure you keep an eye out for dead branches and trim them on time.

3. Unsightly Foliage

While larger trees provide more shade, you should not let them grow out. When a tree has grown out too much without being trimmed on time, it can look irregular and chaotic. Instead of enhancing, such trees would degrade the look of your landscape.

To prevent a tree from getting to that point, trim them as often as they need.

4. Crossing Branches

When the branches of a tree are crossing each other, it is clear sign your trees need trimming. The crossing branches could damage each other and expose the wood to insects or fungal infections. The latter can quickly spread to the rest of the tree, decaying its wood and eventually killing it.

So, when you see multiple branches cross each other, know it’s time to get your pruners out!

5. Overgrown Trees

Some trees can grow out and become too big for certain landscapes. They block sunlight from reaching other smaller trees or plants, and block your view of the clear skies.

Such big trees can even interfere with the power lines, which can pose serious risk of electrocution.

When a tree outgrows its space, it’s pertinent you hire a professional tree trimming company.

6. Overgrown Branches

Some tree branches get grow out and become too long. They pose the threat of falling due to their heavyweight. The weight of such branches can seriously injure anyone that they fall on. To ensure you and everyone else are well protected from overgrown branches, ensure you trim them on time.

Final Thoughts

Like all living things, trees also need timely attention and care. Neglect could hinder their growth and prove to be dangerous for you.

To make sure you do not forget to trim your trees, schedule professional tree trimming services to keep your trees healthy and you safe.