Major Risk Factors of DIY Tree Removal

Trees add immense value as well as beauty to the property. They help offer shade and privacy to your area as well as elevate the surrounding with their rich, bright color. While trees contribute to your property’s ecosystem in several ways, sometimes, they need to be removed in case they are damaged or infested. Many homeowners consider DIY tree removal that can be a risky job to partake in. Here’s why!

1.    Losing Your Balance on the Ladder

The number one risk factor involved in DIY tree removal is falling off the ladder accidentally. It’s extremely dangerous to balance yourself and a large tree-cutting tool on the ladder. A misstep, a wrong type of ladder, or an uneven ground surface can cause hazardous accidents.

2.    Faulty Tools Causing Injuries

You can’t cut down trees without proper equipment. However, using the wrong tools – for example, poor axes or dull pruners – can pose difficulty in cutting off a tree in one go. This may require you to inflict force to remove a tree, putting you at risk of injury.

3.    Mishandling of Tools

Cutting down a tree can be a complex task. You should know how to handle various power tools, including a chainsaw.  Having full control over the chainsaw is crucial when cutting down a tree, or else, you can risk injuring yourself. One of the biggest challenges of using a chainsaw is kickback. The saw has the habit of jerking backward when force is applied. If there’s a nail or bolt in the tree, the chainsaw can act out. It can be dangerous for you if you have little or no experience in handling tools.

4.    Being Electrocuted

This is another common risk factor of DIY tree removal. Novice tree cutters do not realize the risk of being electrocuted by power lines which can be hidden in the bushes of trees. If you accidentally cut power lines, not only will you get an electric shock, but your entire house may lose electricity. That said, you can get your electricity back, but you won’t get your life back after suffering from electrocution.

5.    Damaging the Property

If your attempt at DIY tree removal fails, you may risk damaging your property. Owing to the lack of experience and knowledge, you may randomly cut your trees, which may fall anywhere – on your garden patch, car, patio, or house, leading to the rise of astronomical expenses.

Considering the major risk factors of DIY tree removal, it won’t be wrong to say that you should hire professionals for the job. Get in touch with Utah Tree Removal for a reliable and professional tree removal service!