Reasons Why Planting a Tree too Close to Your Home is a Bad Idea

Reasons Why Planting a Tree too Close to Your Home is a Bad Idea

Who doesn’t love trees? They look beautiful and are essential to your home, especially your yard. However, planting a tree too close to the foundation of your home is a terrible idea.

Here’s why:

A Build-Up of Leaves and Twigs

Rain usually brings loads of wind, causing twigs and leaves to build up around the house. This is especially true if there is a tree that is too close to the foundation of the house. The wind will blow the debris into your home through the windows and entrances, and let’s be honest, who wants that?

Moreover, debris can also build up in your gutters and on your roof because of that one tree planted too close to your home. This can lead to siding damage and will waste loads of time since you will have to get a ladder to clean out each gutter every week. Instead, it is best to plant a tree at the correct distance from your home.

Weakened Home Foundation

Before planting a tree, it is important to do some research. While trees are gorgeous and can instantly perk up an empty yard, you must keep in mind that over time, the tree planted close to your home will grow, and the roots will dig deeper into the soil.

If a tree’s roots continue to spread, they will eventually reach the ground under your home’s foundation or utility line. The roots will be strong enough to push against the foundation, causing damage. They could also cause the foundation of your home to become unsteady, and you may find cracks in the structure. This can be deadly if you are not careful.

The danger of a Window Breaking or Someone Getting Hurt

Dust storms and rainstorms cannot be avoided. During these extreme weather conditions, it is common for heavy branches to hit windows and bang against the roof. This can cause the window’s glass to shatter.

Moreover, if the tree falls on the house due to the sheer pressure of the wind, it can crush people living inside, leading to a horrific death. Moreover, sometimes pests and insects can weaken the wood of the tree, causing it to topple over when you least expect it.


Trees and plants, like everything else in your yard, require water to thrive. However, trees require a significant amount of water, especially if they have grown big. If a tree is planted too close to the house, the moisture will eventually seep indoors.

You may often notice puddles of water on your front-door carpet or seepage cracks on the walls and roof. This can also cause the structure of the house to shift.

If you have a tree planted too close to your house, it is best to remove it before it harms your house, or worse, your loved ones. Contact a tree removal company today so that they can safely trim or remove the tree completely.