The Dangers of Removing Trees by Yourself

There are certain dangers to removing trees by yourself that you may not have considered before. To fell a tree successfully, you need to take into account its physics and biology as well as advanced tools and cutting techniques. Homeowners who don’t really know the specifics of tree removal can injure themselves. Malfunctioning equipment and falling are quite possible too.

Here are some common dangers of removing trees that you might not have considered before.

Power Lines

If the tree is near power lines, it can be quite a risky business. One should always work thinking that the power lines are live. If the tree, power tools, or even you hit the power line, it can result in a blackout of the entire neighborhood – if you are lucky, that is. Worst case scenario is that you get electrocuted.

Homeowners may think that the black coating on the power lines is protective insulation, but that isn’t true. The coating merely protects the metal cables inside from the weather. You can still get electrocuted.

Inappropriate Equipment

Professional tree removal experts need to adhere to regulations set by OSHA. They need to wear protective gear. Experts also receive training for equipment such as cranes, ropes, wood chippers, and chain saws. If you want to successfully remove the tree, you will need all of this equipment as well as the know-how of using it. If you don’t, you will face the dangers of removing trees.

Decaying Wood

A dying or dead tree means that it will be rotting from the inside. This can make it quite unstable. To remove the deadwood, tree removal experts often have to use cranes. If a tree is starting to decay, you should get it removed before the tree collapses. You will need to have some idea about the biology of the tree to properly remove decaying trees.


You cannot control where the tree will go once it starts to fall. It can fall in a way you didn’t expect it to, even if you are using ropes and careful indentations to influence the fall. Homeowners who aren’t skilled in removing a tree may have poor judgment, which could lead to the tree falling on power lines, homes, or even people.

Homeowners shouldn’t risk removing trees by themselves. You need to have the proper equipment and training to make sure that you can do a proper job. Utah Tree Removal has a team of experts that you can rely on for this procedure.