Tree Stump Grinding Or Removal? Which Is Better?

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As much as many people dislike the idea of cutting down trees, they have to do it for their landscape’s health and look. Slashing a tree down is a tough task-one that requires a lot of hard work, elbow grease, and chock full of landscaping tools. But that’s just the beginning!

You see, taking down a tree is not the last step in the clearing process; it’s the first. Once that’s done, you have to think about dealing with the remnants of what was once a thriving plant. Obviously, the fallen tree needs to be towed away. After that’s done, what’s left behind is the bulky stump sticking out of the ground. Stumps are arguably one of the biggest nuisances for arborists, as they get in the way of landscaping. But for property owners, a stump is also a tripping hazard, which is why they should deal with all sturdy tree remnants as soon as the tree is down.

There are two ways of doing getting rid of tree stumps; grinding or complete removal. Both processes come with their share of pros and cons. So how you choose to get rid of tree stumps around your property is ultimately a personal choice. That said, knowing the pluses and minuses of both stump removal and stump grinding can help a person decide between the two. Keeping that in mind, here is everything you should know about removing stumps


As the name implies, grinding entails shredding the remaining trunk into wooden chips. It’s a less invasive technique as it removes the unsightly stump without pulling out the roots.

Grinding is a better choice for those who want to level their landscape immediately, without leaving a massive hole in the ground. But bear in mind, grinding can result in a colossal pile of wood chips, disposing of which can be a tall order. Of course, you can use it as mulch for plantation, but to do that, you will first have to store your wooden chip inventory somewhere.

Also, since stump grinding doesn’t remove the roots, you cannot use that area for replantation. And roots take many years to decay naturally, so you will have to wait a long time to grow new plants.

Stump Removal

Stump removal refers to uprooting a stump from the ground, taking away all the roots in the process. It’s an invasive technique that leaves behind a hole in the ground, which can be hard to take in until it’s filled in.

While the pulling out of roots damages the look of a landscape, it gives you a fresh piece of land to plant new shrubs and trees. If you are someone who enjoys having a lush landscape, then stump removal might be a better option for you.

In short, if you want quick leveling and don’t plan to plant again, you should go with stump grinding. But if you wish to grow again in the future, you need to opt for stump removal. If you are still unsure about which technique to go with, reach out to an expert┬áto help you with the decision-making process.