Why Shouldn’t You Cut Trees by Yourself?

Cutting trees by yourself is not a good idea

Even though they look lovely and add an element of beauty to the area surrounding your home, trees too close to your house can cause multiple problems. The roots can damage the foundation, and the tree itself can invite birds, insects, and rodents which can then find their way into your house.

In such cases, cutting down trees becomes necessary. But there are many reasons why the homeowners themselves shouldn’t attempt it. Tree removal companies follow the guidelines of safely removing trees from properties the layman might not know.

This list lists some common dangers of tree removal that you might not have heard of.


This might only be relevant if the tree in question grows near live powerlines. When you cut a tree from an angle, you risk it, yourself, or a power tool falling on a power cable. This can create a blackout in the entire neighborhood, or worse, you can get electrocuted.

Inability to Own and Use Safety Equipment

According to OSHA guidelines, a tree-removing professional should be covered in protective gear from head to toe. They also must be trained in handling and using heavy machinery and equipment, such as wood chippers, stump grinders, cranes, ropes, and chain saws. If you’re attempting to cut down a tree without all this equipment and the practical skills to use the same, you expose yourself, your house, and any other attendees to unnecessary harm.

Unstable and Unplanned Fall

If you’re attempting to fall a rotting tree, you have no idea of knowing which side of the tree stump is heavy and where it will fall. Tree removal experts use cranes to remove the heavy carcasses before the wood rots completely and damages power lines, landscaping, personal property, and vehicles by falling. Without having access to this heavy machinery, you can hit your own home and cause serious damage. Some people use ropes and indentations to control the fall, but trees can be unpredictable in their falls and may cause serious injuries and even death.

High Expenses

The primary reason most house-owners try to cut the trees by themselves is to save costs. But is it worth having a do-it-yourself tree removal session when the costs of failure are so extensive? You just read the dangers of attempting to ‘wing’ the procedure. What if you break an arm or a leg, damage your car, or break your house’s roof? How will you pay for the potential damage repair, insurance shortfalls, medical expenses? A simple tree removal process can leave you broken, indebt, injured, or dead.

Final Thoughts

If you have the proper safety equipment and tools, you may be able to trim some low-level branches, but tree removal is a risky process. Homeowners who don’t consider all the dangers involved in this end up paying heavily when things go south. You should play it safe and contact a trusted tree removal company to fall that tree growing close to your house and damaging your property.