6 Signs You Need to Remove Your Tree

We all like having at least one tree in our backyard that we adore, but there are often times when that tree needs to be removed. However, it is often hard to judge when the tree should be removed as the signs are not always visible.

This article will discuss some signs you can see to judge whether your tree is dying and if tree removal is necessary.

6 Signs You Need to Remove Your Tree

Like all living organisms, trees eventually die and need to be removed. Let’s see some signs of when the tree is dead or dying and needs to be removed.

1. Dead Branches

An occasional dead branch is common in trees and can be fixed with a little pruning. You can contact Utah Tree Removal for their tree trimming services to fix that issue. However, several dead branches may cause alarm, signaling a disease or some infection. If the branch is flexible, has buds growing out, and is green when you scrape a little of the surface, the tree is not dead yet.

However, if the branches are dead, so is the tree. Dead branches can prove hazardous as they can come crashing down with the littlest of pressures.

2. Infestation

Some insects, like the banded ash borer or the emerald ash borer, can cause damage to the trees. However, most such insects only damage dead or dying trees, making them a great sign for tree removal. Here’s how you can tell if your tree has an infestation:

  • Round exit holes
  • Visible larva
  • Leaf damage
  • Masses of eggs

3. Damaged Tree

Trees can get damaged by many things, intense winds, heavy snow, and overgrown branches that may cause the tree to fall. The damage compromises the natural integrity of the tree, making it unsafe near your home as it can fall at any time.

4. Hollowed Tree

A hollowed tree is often a sign of internal decay and means that your tree is at the final stages of its life. This causes the tree to lose integrity and creates dead branches. Hollowed trees can ruin the scenic beauty of your backyard. However, hollowed trees also provide a good home for owls or squirrels.

5. The Tree is in a Dangerous Location

Often, the tree itself is healthy, but the location is the problem. The tree could grow close to the power lines or your home, making it a hazard.

6. The Tree is Damaging Your Lawn

Some trees can be invasive, harming the landscape by increasing the competition for resources and killing other plants on your lawn. Additionally, trees are known to give shade, which may be preferred by you but is not preferred by your grass that needs the sunlight to grow.

Hire a Professional

It’s best to leave the tree removal process to the professionals like Utah Tree Removal. It is not safe for you or your home if it is removed incorrectly. If the tree grows near your home or power lines, you should avoid doing it yourself.