Hazards of DIY Tree Removal

Trees have the power to enhance or mar the look of a property. Generally, they add to the beauty of a house. However, if a tree gets gnarly, it doesn’t only make the area untidy but also poses a threat to passersby. An old tree can wither and fall down, injuring people and potentially damaging nearby properties. Therefore, removing timeworn trees is essential; to ensure the safety and security of the people and estates in the vicinity.

Although tree removal is necessary, one mustn’t do it on their own. Any kind of tree care work can be potentially dangerous, but tree removal is especially hazardous if done independently without professional help. Safe and successful removal of a tree requires adequate knowledge of trees, cutting equipment, and techniques. If one lacks the lowdown on any of the mentioned aspects of tree cutting, they can injure themselves and the people close-by by attempting to bring down a tree.

Homeowners should never attempt DIY tree removal because it can lead to electrocution, tool injury, or injury from getting hit by the trunk or branches.

Here are the most common three dangers of DIY tree removal in detail.

Exposure to Powerlines

Many people have the misconception that the black covering on powerlines is insulation and that it will keep them safe, should they come in contact with a powerline. But the reality is that if you disturb or disrupt the powerlines near your property, you will either get electrocuted or knock out the power in your neighborhood. The chances of the latter happening are usually slim when cutting trees without help. A person without tree cutting expertise, more often than not, ends up hitting the nearby powerlines and injuring themselves. Therefore, you should always hire professional tree removal services to get rid of aged trees.

Improper Tools

Removal of trees requires working with specific tools while wearing protective gear. Certified tree removal experts are abundantly trained to work with equipment such as a chainsaw, wood chippers, ropes, and cranes to remove a tree. A layperson doesn’t have the right tools to topple a tree, and even if they do, they are most likely not trained to use those. Working with unsuitable tools while attempting to cut a tree and that too unsupervised can cause severe accidents and lead to irreversible damage. Therefore, one must choose a reliable tree removal service to get the trees in their area removed.

Tree Falling and Decaying Wood

Old trees tend to carry decaying wood, which can be quite unstable. One off-target hit on a tree with dying wood can bring the entire plant down without warning. And that can lead to people getting hit by the tree limbs and trunk or, in some cases, crushed by the oldie.


If you want to ensure the safety of yourself and the people in your neighborhood, you must never attempt to take down dying trees on your own. Always hire a professional team to get the job done. Tree removal services are not too expensive, so you don’t even have to worry about your pocket.