Questions to Ask Tree Removal Companies Before Hiring Them

Tree removal companies

Hiring tree removal companies is more complicated than you may realize. It is important to do your research properly before you make a decision. At Utah Tree Removal, we are always open to answering any queries that you may have regarding your tree situation.

Here are seven questions that you should be asking tree removal companies before you hire them for work on your property.

1. How long has the company been operational?

When you are considering tree removal services, especially if the trees in question are large, you should get someone that has enough experience. Pruning and trimming trees also requires plenty of training if you want a proper job. The company you hire should have plenty of years of experience, or at least the professional sent to you should have the necessary industry experience.

2. Can you offer a proper certificate of insurance that has adequate coverage?

When you hire tree removal companies, you should make sure that anyone working on your property has adequate insurance. You can ask them to give you a copy of the certificate of insurance so that you can rest assured that you and the worker are both covered. This is essential in case someone gets injured when they are working on the trees on your property.

3. Can they provide you with a list of reviews or references?

Reputable companies should have some reviews on their website, Google, Yelp, Facebook, or other sites. You can check them out to see what their customers say about them. If there aren’t any reviews, you should ask for some references so that you are able to confirm their experience.

4. Do they have the right kind of equipment to complete the project properly?

When it comes to tree removal or trimming services, the tree removal companies should come with proper equipment to manage the job. For example, smaller trees need tree trimmers, while larger ones may need cherry pickers. You should talk to them about the equipment they have.

5. Can they complete the project by themselves, or will they need subcontractors?

If you have a large project in mind, the tree removal companies may require subcontractors to complete the job on time. If they are using subcontractors, you should be aware of them so that you can ensure they are also experienced and insured.

6. How will they minimize the damage to the garden or house?

The tree removal companies should take some steps to ensure that the damage to house structures or yard is low. When you are removing larger limbs, you will need professional and trained individuals to prune, trim, and remove the tree while ensuring no branches damage the property.

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