Why is it Crucial to Get Your Trees Trimmed by a Professional

professional tree trimming

Just like you trim the shrubs and plants in your garden, your trees need regular trimming as well. However, tree trimming isn’t as easy as trimming the rest of the plants in your garden for obvious reasons – trees are massive in size, and their branches are thick and strong. You’ll need proper tools to be able to trim your trees yourself.

Many homeowners prefer to do it on their own. But if you ask us if it’s correct practice, we would say it’s not. Tree trimming is quite technical, and you may not know the right way to do it. Poor trimming of the trees can lead to several consequences, including poor tree health.

Read this blog post to know what poor tree trimming can do and why you should hire professionals for this job.

Trimming the Trees Just Right

There’s no way you would know how short you should trim your trees. You’ll simply chop off the branches you think are disorderly and overgrown without much thought. However, trimming the trees too much can affect the health and structure of the trees. Always remember – you shouldn’t remove any more than 30% of the foliage at a time. A professional would know just how much the trees have to be trimmed.

Preventing Wounds to the Trees

A very common mistake that people make when trimming their trees is cutting the branches too deep. Branches should be cut at the collar such that the bark ridge doesn’t get cut. However, if you cut too deep into the junction where the branch meets the trunk, you’ll end up cutting into the bark ridge and thereby wounding the tree. When the tree is wounded deep, it takes longer for it to heal. However, you don’t have to worry about any of it when you hire a professional. A professional tree trimmer would know the perfect spots where they should cut the branches.

Proper Tool Maintenance

Professionals would keep their tree trimming tools properly maintained. Tools can transfer pests and fungi from one plant to the other. If the tools aren’t properly cleaned, healthy trees can get affected. It’s another reason why it’s crucial to opt for professional tree trimming. Professionals know what can happen if they don’t clean their tools properly and also the right cleaning techniques.

Preventing Injuries

You may cut the branch and come in the way and hurt yourself. You may also cut and injure yourself with the incorrect handling of the tree trimming tools. The professional tree trimmer would follow all the safety protocols and ensure that nobody gets hurt during the tree trimming process.

Professional tree trimming is highly recommended. Not only does it ensure your safety but also the safety of your trees. Choose the right professionals for the job, and rest assured that your trees will be trimmed just right!