Why is it Important to Get Old Tree Stumps Removed

tree stump removal

Most homeowners are extremely conscious about the aesthetics of their property. They get regular landscape maintenance to make sure their property is looking the best at all times, in all seasons, all year round. One thing that they often do is get old trees removed. Old and overgrown trees don’t just look unsightly but also pose a safety threat to your property and loved ones. But one thing that most homeowners don’t pay attention to is getting old tree stumps removed.

Most people don’t consider tree stumps as a problem. But there are a number of reasons why old tree stumps should be removed from your property. You should hire a professional stump removal company to remove the tree stumps if you haven’t already. If you want to know why we’re suggesting tree stump removal, continue reading this blog.

They’re a Visual Turn Off

Would you ever compliment someone about the tree stumps in their lawn? Hey, I really like that tree stump that you’ve got there! We bet not. Old tree stumps don’t add to the aesthetics of your property. In fact, they’re unsightly and look really bad. No matter how beautiful the surrounding landscape is, an old tree stump in the center would only affect the aesthetics negatively.

They Pose Serious Safety Hazard

You may not have thought of tree stumps this way but they pose a serious safety hazard, especially if you’ve got children around. They can easily trip over tree stumps while running and playing around. Tree stumps may be hidden in overgrown grass and children may not see them and hurt themselves really badly.

They Can Be Home to Insects

Tree stumps are wood through and through. The older the tree stump gets, the greater are the chances of it getting infested with insects. Wood is highly prone to infestation and decaying and this is one of the most important reasons why you should consider tree stump removal. These insects may spread around your property and may damage your wooden furniture, floors, and wooden foundations. And that’s going to cost you so much more than the money that you’re trying to save on tree stump removal.

There May Be Growth of Suckers

The growth of suckers from tree stumps is very common. While you may trim them regularly, you can’t make them look pretty. More importantly, these unwanted wild plant growth will suck away the nutrients from the soil that other plants on your landscape require to grow and flourish. It’ll eventually affect all the plants that you’ve so dearly planted in your garden.

They May Harbor Diseases

If you got the tree cut because it was diseased or infected, you should know that the stump of the tree can harbor disease as well. If you don’t get the stump removed, it might result in the disease spreading to other healthy plants.

Until now, you may have only seen tree stumps as harmless stumps. However, now you know why tree stump removal is so important. What’s the wait then? Call a professional tree stump removal company and get old tree stumps removed today.