When is the Best Time to Remove Trees?

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As beautiful as trees are, sometimes we are faced with the difficult decision of having  to remove one. There could be any number of reasons why someone has to get rid of a tree. For example, its bark developed a disease, or the branches were beginning to fall, becoming a hazard for people standing in proximity, etc. So, regardless of why a person decides to put down a tree, an important aspect to consider in all of it is knowing ‘what is a suitable time to make the move,’ i.e., cut the tree.

Picking out a time to remove a tree depends on the person responsible for the decision. However, experts believe that the best season to get rid of trees is the winter. Why? Let’s find out.

Unstable Trees Become a Risk

Unsteady trees with loose branches are a threat to everyone close by at all times, but during the frosty season, they become even more dangerous and are more likely to fall because of the blustery winds and winter storms. Hence, the best period to remove trees is the winter, to be more precise, the early days of the season.

If you want to keep the valuables around your property and passing by pedestrians safe from dangling tree branches, hire a tree removal agency to remove all hazardous trees around your house.

Dead Trees and Stumps Hinder Nutrient Distribution

Dead trees and stumps are called such for a reason, which is that they do not grow. This means they take up space but don’t absorb or transport nutrients around, depriving the surrounding alive and healthy plants, especially in the warmer months. If you get rid of all such hindrances during the cold days, you will ensure that all the healthy shrubbery gets its nutrition.

Another fundamental reason for removing trees in the winter season is taking advantage of the frozen ground. During the summer season, eliminating trees means damaging the surrounding piece of land carrying grass and soil, which in turn affects the growth of newer plants. But when the weather is cold, the ground freezes up, allowing tree removers to neatly remove the damaged plant and not cause any more unnecessary stress to the land.

Even if you live in a region where the winter isn’t too harsh that the ground freezes up, the soil will still harden up, allowing you to make clean cuts. Therefore, try to remove all diseased and damaged trees during the wintertime.

Easy To Plant in Warmer Days

Since most plantation takes place in warmer months, you need clean areas to sow seeds. This means you have to get rid of all the dormant plants so that the coast is clear and you can plant new plants.

If you don’t remove trees in the winter season, the chances are you will not have the land ready for more plantation when the sun is shining brightly in the sky.

Ending Note

Unless you are met with an emergency, try to remove all damaged trees near your property during the winter season. And make sure you hire experts to do the job and attempt it yourself because doing so can lead to unpleasant accidents.